It’s time for our SECOND Madison Beer Giveaway!
This time your gift will be TWO American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Crop Top. Madison owns these two crop tops as you can see on her Instagram, in exact same colors. In my opinion they are a must-have on Madison’s style so it’s time to give it to TWO winners!
How can I enter? 
1) Follow this blog is indispensable! HTTP://MADISONBEER-STYLE.TUMBLR.COM
2) Like AND reblog this post
It is necessary that you have a tumblr page to like/reblog this post.
AND THAT’S IT! The winners will be chosen by a random number generator and they can choose which one they will want:

You can enter until 10/20/14 - October 10. And this contest is open only to USA.
I will post on October 21-22 the winner of this giveaway and also will contact you by message here on Tumblr.
Barbara xx

JASMINE V: When someone likes a song and you have to listen to it cause is their car ”glad you like it”

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October 7: Selena leaving the Rudderless Premiere with Mandy and Ashley Cook 

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JASMINE V: My little yony

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The music that I have coming up will be so different than anything I have done. I love what I do and I think I am different than anyone in my lane and nobody’s been able to see my heart through most of it. Selena in a recent interview (via smg-news)

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I miss writing. Random thought lol
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